Hulda Sif


Mothers and motherhood have long been subjects of artists’
and cultural fascinations and although with time,
the idea of the sacred mother has changed,
they are often still represented stereotypically.
The mother, the saint, the madonna;


I turn my gaze towards mothers, their position in western society and the role of motherhood. The working mother, the carrier mother, the mother that never gets any rest, the tension that arises when we are protecting our children; teaching, looking after them and nurturing.

The child becomes some kind of an attachment, we are stuck in our role as mothers whether we like it or not. The role is wonderful and the most important one but at the same time often, and for many, suppressive.

The question of motherhood is of course deeply personal – but at the same time, with slow changes within equality and rights, deeply political.
In series of portraits I catch a particular moment and the tension that describes the universal feeling of motherhood.